Making A Fantastic Movie

You may have watched countless animated movies in your lifetime and been amazed at the incredible drawing and graphics that you see. However, what you do not realize is that in most cases, it takes about five hundred people working nonstop for many years to make an animated movie come to live. Many of your favorite animated movies took five to six hundred people working for five to six years to make them a reality and in total, the number of computer hours that went into the project can total a few thousand years. However, it is completely possible to make a short movie with a few friends if you would like to do so for an advertisement or for a cause that you are promoting business for marketing agency HK. It has been seen clearly that animated movies have a way of getting people’s emotions high and therefore will tend to last in people’s memories longer.

Draw up a plot

The first thing you will need to start doing is drawing up a plot for your movie. You will also need to get a team together. Ask a few friends who are currently studying animation design if they might be happy to help you with your project. If it is for a brand and you are going to be making money off the movie, then you may need to pay your friends but if it is being down for a good cause, you might even ask them if they will be happy to help you in exchange for exposure as an artist.

You will also need to get a friend who is talented in interactive design to help you out with your project. In this case, if you are creating the movie as an advertisement, you might even be able to hire someone’s services as there are many graphics people out there who will work on a freelance basis for a small fee.

Your plot should be one that will reach out to people’s hearts and that will touch them emotionally. Some of the things that can usually do this are memories of the past, memories of Christmas and movies with Santa Clause in them because no matter how old you get, you are never going to grow too old for these things. If your brand or message is tied in with one of these elements, you can be sure that you will not only reach people but that it will also go viral on social media. This is something else you need to think about. Social media has the potential to advertise your product or cause without any investment if it good enough.